Wellness Through Nature

Where there are doTERRA essential oils, there is hope.

Buy certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils from the oilMD. The oilMD has been promoting wellness through nature since 2004.

Health News from Mother Nature

Health is, without a doubt, the Number One concern for most people. Good health, of course, is a primary goal and without it not much else matters.


I'm Dr. James L. Geiger and, in recent years, I have seen dramatically improved health in myself, my family, my friends and my patients, naturally through the many applications of essential oils.

Nature's Most Powerful Essential oils from Plants are available for Your Health

Nature has a way of taking care of its own and we humans are no exception. I can put the world's most powerful essential oils to enhance your wellness right in your hands, this week, so you can live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

A Doctor's Prescription for Long-lasting Health

I've spent years reading the research and doing my own researching on nature's powerful essential oils and applied aromatherapy for health and wellness in many fields of interest and need all over the world. I'm absolutely convinced as a health-conscious person and as a medical doctor and clinically certified aromatherapist that these forms of supplementation using essential oils both topically and aromatically by diffusion, are safe, practical and wonderful.

In certain contexts, ingestion of certified pure oils consisting of therapeutically graded chemical compounds distilled from certain parts of plants is an excellent application, when used as instructed. These essential oils I recommend are classified as food supplements and are described as generally regarded as safe (GRAS) essential oils. These integrated aromatherapy modalities may work to provide improved wellness and general well being for you.

Before you pick up your next prescription pill bottle, order a copy of my book: The Sweet Smell of Success Health and Wealth Secrets filled with very many aromatic science publication references and practical tips. Within minutes of beginning to read my book, you'll get specific ideas and learn that nature's essential oils from plants can work in your body wonderfully, when used appropriately and wisely.

The Sweet Smell of Success reveals much information regarding the natural lifestyle you can adopt for a longer, healthier life. Best of all, these natural plant compounds, the essential oils, are wonderful to utilize consistently throughout every day.

  • Have trouble with sleep, stress, PMS, peri-menopause and post menopause? Try clary sage essential oil.
  • Want to use essential oils from spices that naturally boost your immune system? Try thyme and clove essential oils.
  • Want to lose weight without feeling hungry? Try grapefruit and cinnamon essential oils.
  • Want to enhance your exercise performance? Try peppermint essential oil.
  • Want to live a longer, healthier, happier life? Use aromatherapy.

This isn't your average doctor's prescription. It is a pathway to improve your health utilizing all natural products made with therapeutic grade essential oils and the education on how to use them. So join this exciting learning adventure and discover how aromatherapy in the 21st Century can become the main stream of your healthy life and lifestyle.