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Anesthesiologist & Aromatherapist

Dr. James L. (Tad) Geiger
The oilMD

He calls himself the oilMD, which stands for essential oils medical doctor, but you can call him the doctor who is always in touch with complementary and integrative healthcare.

Dr. James L. (Tad) Geiger and his wife of 35 years, Cheryle, have lived in Arizona for the last 16 years. The couple has three children: Jason (32), Kirk (29), and Erin (22).

Dr. Geiger has been an anesthesiologist since 1986. He went to college in San Francisco where the couple previously lived, and he worked in a San Francisco hospital doing cardiac anesthesia with his father after Col James P Geiger MD retired as a military cardiothoracic surgeon.

Dr. Geiger has also been an aromatherapist since 2004 and it was in the hospital’s recovery rooms where he first noticed nurses using essential oils and aromatherapy to prevent and treat post-operative nausea.

The diligent doctor was intrigued and began studying the scientific literature on the subject. He soon recognized that the aromatic sciences are based on fields such as anatomy, physiology and the organic chemistry applications of aromatherapy, were similar to anesthesia.

He was determined to figure out how to integrate aromatherapy safely into his life and the lives of others, including his operating room patients.

As Dr. Geiger says, “The natural stuff works plus it is less expensive, safe, and simple to use. People just need lots of education and motivation to rediscover what’s good for them. I firmly believe doing this work helps me make a truly positive impact on the lives of many people simultaneously, rather than one person at a time in the operating room.”

Dr. Geiger’s book, The Sweet Smell of Success, helps both doctor and patient meet in the middle of this Wellness Revolution and harness the power of natural foods as medicine.

“The language of plants is telling us to eat well and to supplement well with essential oils for the good of our overall health.”

Geiger is the Chief Wellness Officer (CWO) of the oilMD, recommends single essential oils and blends that are globally sourced and scientifically produced in order to ensure the pure quality and therapeutic applications that will enhance whole body health and wellness.

Much of Dr. Geiger’s time is spent doing anesthesia, serving on committees and giving lectures and webinars on the safe use of essential oils at home, in hospitals and surgicenters to improve healthcare. His professional keynote speaking presentations are suitable for conventions, resorts, spas and business meetings

Currently, he is on staff at several medical centers, orthopedic hospitals and surgicenters, where he has introduced therapy with essential oils into the operating and recovery rooms.

The oilMD is trademarked in the following categories.

Aromatherapy services; Medical consulations; Business consultation services; Professional business consultation.

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                                                    Testimonials  for The Sweet Smell of Success: Health and Wealth Secrets

“I was almost expecting to read a very medical "speak" book (but). . . I was very pleasantly surprised . . . Thanks for making me feel better, naturally.” – Lydia Johnson, author of The Jalapeno Handshake, Strategies To Heat Up Your Business Relationships

 “I've seen firsthand how much ginger oil after surgery is a life-saver! Thank you, Tad! – Leslie Householder , award-winning, bestselling author of The Jackrabbit Factor : Why You Can, and Hidden Treasures: Heaven’s Astonishing Help with Your Money Matters

 “Just this morning, my . . son woke me at 3:30 a.m. complaining ( that his legs hurt)   . .   I applied Dr. Geiger's oilMD product recommendations and within 5 minutes he was asleep . . .” Lynette Patterson, East Tennessee

 “(This) book helps to bridge the gap for doctors and medical professionals concerning the use of essential oils in a medical environment.”   Jennifer Ioppolo , Colorado

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